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FIDI is an international design school in the center of Florence, Italy. As a school of Italian design the Institute specializes in courses of graphic design, architecture, furniture design and interior design for students from across Europe and around the world. Providing masters, bachelor degrees and diploma courses, our school focuses on Italy's international students with course options for all classes taught in the English language. Students who are already enrolled at universities can apply to study abroad. FIDI is pleased to be offering both online courses or ‘face-to-face’ study in Florence.

about fidi

Located within an elegant setting in the center of Florence, Italy our design school is an ideal place to study abroad. Our staff has a respected reputation for dynamic teaching methods, motivating course material and interactive learning. Our design school courses have been specifically created to give a detailed understanding of Italy's rich design culture. The Florence Institute's courses teach the foundation of interior design by combining modern technology with inventive traditions. Our graphic design school courses teach tradition, theory and the latest graphic software. All students are issued stimulating design problems commonly faced in Italy’s modern society. FIDI's bachelor degree, BA (hons) Design is validated by The University of Chester.

Summer courses

Graphic Design
Graphic design summer COURSES

Short summer courses of graphic design are an intensive introduction to the design process. The studio design course is an introduction to graphic design theory and its application. The course rapidly moves through the fundamental design principles, the planning process and finally the guidelines used in order to create innovative two-dimensional art-work and visual graphics.

Graphic Design Summer Course:
Duration: 4 weeks
Levels : Basic

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Digital Illustration
digital illustration summer

The short summer course is an intensive design course in the digital illustration process. The course is an introduction to illustration theory and its application. It is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to not only complete their assignments that include illustrating graphic elements, but also to inspire creative potential in this expressive design field.

Digital Illustration Summer Course:
Duration: 4 weeks
Levels : All

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architecture summer COURSES

The Florence Institute offers architecture courses that teach drawing and observational skills plus an introduction to architectural theory and Italian history. This short summer course is designed for students with an interests in the art and architecture of Italy. Most of the course is conducted in the form of walking tours, where students can learn directly from the architecture of Florence.

Architecture Summer Course:
Duration 4 weeks
Levels : All

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Furniture Design
furniture design summer COURSES

Furniture design is one of Italy’s most respected areas of knowledge. The purpose of the short summer course is to develop understanding and conceptual skills of all aspects of furniture design from concept to production to the development of prototypes. During the 4 week program, students study presentation of history, theories, works and trends of Italian and International furniture.

Furniture Summer Course:
Duration: 4 weeks
Levels : All

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