1, 2 & 3 YEARS in florence, italy


Our academic level is ideal for students new to the field of Interior Design. For the entry level student, there are three options, a one year Diploma course, two year Advanced Diploma and Bachelor Degree. The one year Diploma course is a basic but intensive two (2) semester course that addresses all of the fundamentals of the interior design profession such as lighting, color, furniture design and space planning. Diploma students can extend their study into the second year to complete an Advanced Diploma. To earn a bachelor degree, applicants must enter as a bachelor student from the start of the first year.   Students with already a Bachelor degree in design may qualify for the Master

We are offering a 3yr Bachelor of Arts Degree, BA (hons) Interior Design  issued in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London. See the Bachelor page for requirements.

Interior designers are creative, imaginative and artistic. They also need to be prepared and organized. By combining knowledge with aesthetic vision, interior designers work with clients and other design professionals to develop solutions that are functional, attractive and meet the needs of the people using the space. Interior designers must especially know about the materials and products used to create and furnish space. Above all, they specialize in the interaction of texture, color, and lighting while creating human space.

Interior design - 1ST SEMESTER

Interior Design Studio  1A  
In this course you are introduced to the basics of interior design practice through a balance of functional and conceptual assignments. Interior design is a discipline that profoundly influences the spaces we inhabit; impacting lives and overall well-being. Roles such as interior designers, spatial planners, hospitality and retail designers, or sustainable design specialists all play essential roles in shaping society.

Computer Aided Design
During this course you will be introduced to 2-dimensional (2D) and 3-dimensional (3D) computer aided drawing, giving you the opportunity to explore and develop skills in industry-standard software. The initial exploration of this programmes focuses on the basic tool sets and working methodologies required to produce 2D plans and sectional drawings, creating the representation of 2D objects in a 3D space in order to produce successful 2D and 3D design products and learn how to output your designs using printers and plotters.

Technical Drawing 1A
This module provides you with a foundational understanding of architectural drawing techniques and is designed to provide the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to create 2D manual drawings from 3D architectural elements. With measured drawings and analysis techniques, you will learn to transform complex three-dimensional objects into accurate and detailed two-dimensional representations. Through a combination of theoretical learning and handson practice, you will explore the fundamental elements of architectural representation, including plans, elevations, sections, and axonometric drawings. You will gain insight into the basic principles and conventions of architectural drawing, including scale, proportion, line weights, and composition.

Art and Design Theory
This course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the historical and theoretical underpinnings that have shaped the evolution of Italian art and design practices. Through in-depth analysis, critical discussions, and practical applications, you will gain an understanding of traditional art and design theory with its significance in contemporary artistic contexts. Key principles of design theory will be researched, including aesthetics, form, function and visual communication to comprehend the fundamental concepts driving design practices.

Italian Language 1A- The courses will focus mainly on spoken conversational Italian, with themes relating to common life, travel and business travel situations including greetings, days of the week, asking for directions, food, making plans, telling time, purchases and dealing with money and numbers.

interior design - 2nd semester

Interior Design Studio Course 1B 

An investigation of more advanced interior design problems including commercial design, exhibitions, and retail. Projects assigned during the second semester involve comprehensive problem solving from concept development through to the final presentation stage and including detailed plans, sections, elevations and renderings.

Interior Design Principles and Processes
Knowledge and skills developed within this course will provide a foundation for successive interior design studies. This course will introduce you to the basic principles of interior design by outlining the general context and concepts of design. You will learn to describe the aesthetic and spatial context of design and the relevant approaches utilised in spatial design. You will investigate; geometry, color, light, texture, space, perspective, and proportion.

Technical Drawing 1B
The course is a more advanced but intensive introduction to learn how to sketch by hand and analyze spaces, buildings, interiors and furniture. The Analytical Drawing course covers many aspects of hand sketching as drawing essentials and techniques, perspective drawing and drawing standards.

Computer Modeling 1B 
This course is an deeper exploration of the 3d Modeling using industry  software such as Sketchup. Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to produce 3D models and basic renderings using modeling and rendering software.You will explore the placement and manipulations of objects and furniture within a 3D space and develop the visual acuity and manipulation of 3D software.

Italian Language 1B 
The courses will continue to focus mainly on spoken conversational Italian. This more advanced level class will start to deal with general work and business discussions.

* Program may be subject to change

interior design- 2nd year

The second year is much more thorough in its exploration of design concepts. Larger projects are developed during this year with a more detailed approach to material and lighting. Students completing the 1 year diploma need to demonstrate sufficient skills to progress to the 2nd year.

Third Semester

Interior Design Studio
Intro to Furniture Design
3D Design Visualisation            
Digital Photography or Internship *optional
Art and Design Theory 2

Fourth Semester

Interior Design Studio
Intro to Furniture Design
3D Design Visualisation            
Digital Photography

Interior design 3RD yeaR (Bachelor degree)

The third year is only for students in 3yr Bachelor of Arts Degree, BA (hons) Interior Design issued in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London.. The third year (Thesis year) completes your education with more technical training that emphasizes the job skills needed to execute a project from beginning to end.

Fifth semester:

Lighting Design & Building Systems 
3D Advanced Computer Design
Experiential Learning
Design Research Project

Sixth/ Final Semester

Lighting Design & Building Systems 
3D Advanced Computer Design
Design Research Project
Professional Practice

* Program may be subject to change