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The revolution of art, architecture and culture that we associate with the Renaissance first occurred in the Italian city of Florence. During the Fifteenth century, Florence produced more influential creative genius than any other city of a parallel era. Masters such as Masaccio, Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Dante and Da Vinci eternally all left their marks on the city and Western culture. Since that time, knowledge of Florence’s history and works has become essential to students of architecture and design throughout the world.

The entire course is held in the English language. The short course teaches both traditional and modern analytical skills together with a general overview of architectural history. The architecture, public spaces, and overall structure of the city are examined both in terms of the "design intent" of the architects and urbanists of the day as well as how the geographic, spatial, cultural, economic, political, and religious context influenced the design of the architecture and city as a whole. The majority of the course takes place on-site visiting the architectural and urban masterpieces of Florence. Through a series of walking and sketching tours the course explores the factors that led to the development of the architecture and urban design of the Florentine Renaissance and the impact that it has had on subsequent generations of architects and designers.The program is designed for students with a strong interest in Italian art, interior design and architecture. This course is excellent for students of all levels. People with a general interest in Architecture and Design, but have no immediate plans to pursue a degree are also encouraged to enroll. If you are currently an architecture student in your home country, please state so on your application.

summer course dates & schedule
The short course is held for 4 weeks each summer during the month of June only. For the exact dates see our academic calendar.

The Architecture course meets 3 hrs per day - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am-1pm. See here the Summer Application Form:

  • (Online Summer Application)

  • COURSE Materials

    Students should budget separately an additional 150 Euro for various travel and access to Museums
    Please bring the following:
    A3 spiral bound medium weight paper (around 180 gram) spiral bound sketchbook
    Pencils (2h, hb, 2b) / Pencil sharpener
    Erasers (white eraser and grey kneaded eraser)
    Recomended Text: Florence an Architectural Guide Guido Zucconi (Author)



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