tuition fees


11400€ per Year (30 wks) 3 year Bachelor Degrees
8900€ per Year (30 wks):1 Year Diplomas
8900€ per Year (30 wks): 1 Year Master
9490€: 2nd year of advanced Diplomas


Enrollment fees and taxes are included in the above prices and are paid each year.   Tuition fees for 2 and 3 year courses are subject to increase annually as per inflation. Contact the registrar for transfer student fees.   

summer session fees

Standard June Course Fee per 4 weeks.

1150 Euro (tax incl)

Standard Summer Enrollment Fee:

350 Euro (tax incl)


methods of payment

Fees can be paid by the following means:

1. Payment by Wire Transfer: Details will be given upon application results. IMPORTANT: You can not send money for your personal use to the Institute's bank account

2. CREDIT CARD Payment by MasterCard and VISA can be made be made online.

Payment steps

Step 1:

Enrollment fee Payment:
Immediately following acceptance to the course the enrollment fees should be sent.

Step 2:

Course Payment:
All tuition fees must be paid a minimum of 60 days before the start of classes.

If you prefer, you can pay the total course fees at once. If you are registering less than 60 days before the beginning of the course, we require payment for the total course fees