About us

The school is located in the heart of the city of Florence, Italy. Florence is an ideal destination for design students as it contains a rich patrimony of Renaissance works. Its small scale and pedestrian friendly environment make it an ideal place to study design. Located in the center of Florence Italy, it is a perfect place to study the finest of Italian design and art abroad. The institute is situated in a historic palazzo within one of Florence’s most vibrant sections of town. The interior has been transformed into an international school with an elegant décor and spacious design. The soft atmosphere and refined ambiance create an inspirational environment ideal for creative thinking. The large decorated classrooms are well equipped for learning with video projectors and computers.

All of the school's spaces were built during the Baroque period of the 1700’s. The halls are unique examples of royal Baroque interior design. Covered with plaster decorations, large colorful paintings and vaulted fresco ceilings, there are signature for the institute. Each of the paintings depicts a celestial scene with cherubs and mythological characters in vividly animated compositions. As Baroque architecture is rare in Florence, all of the school's spaces are historically certified and protected by Italy’s Minister of Culture. The four computer labs contain PCs with broadband connection that offers each student access to high speed Internet. Our wireless access points in addition allows students to connect their own laptops and smart phones to a wireless internet. The library holds a select collection of books, periodicals and digital resources to support creative thought and provide technical solutions.

We invite you to come visit our school in the heart of the historic center on Borgo Ognissanti. The area surrounding the school is plentiful with shops, cafés and cultural sites. Within, the school is spacious and well equipped with an elegant décor. Formal visits can be made upon appointment or you can always stop by during business hours for a brief tour.