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design school in florence, italy


The city center Florence has become an international cross road for designers from around the world. The richness of Art, History, Fashion, and Culture have an eternal appeal that has continued to inspire the world’s greatest designers. There is a very dynamic mixture of people who reside in the city of Florence. There is an equal balance of Florentine locals, Artists, Designers, and Students who occupy the city center.


The school is located in Florence, Italy, in the region of Tuscany. Florence is an ideal destination for design students because it contains a rich patrimony of Renaissance works. Its small scale and pedestrian friendly environment make it an ideal place to study design.


The Uffizi Gallery and the Medici Chapels are near to where you will be studying. Within walking distance of the Institute, students can explore many museums, numerous churches, the Duomo Cathedral and Palazzo Vecchio. The visits to museums, galleries and expositions are an integral part of the courses.


The school is located within one of Florence’s most vibrant sections of town. The simple pleasures of Italian life are what make Florence so unique. Everyday routines such as having an espresso at a cafe or a glass of wine in the piazza are central parts of daily life. Students can also find many shops, markets, and grocery stores to find a rich selection of quality items. For practical needs the center is full of internet cafés, laundry mats and post offices. See our student guide map for more information.


Behind the cultural historic face of the city lies a vivid nightlife that compares to many major world metropolises. There are a countless number of thrilling night spots to explore during your free time.


The center of Florence is very pedestrian friendly. It is easy to walk about anywhere in under 20 minutes. There is also a small network of public buses and many taxi stands when necessary. The school is centrally located on Borgo Ognissanti, less than 10 minutes walk from the Duomo Cathedral of Florence. Upon arival, see here for transporation options.


Depending on your desired living conditions, there are several housing options in Florence. Rather than our school assigning students apartments, we suggest that you plan a few nights in a hotel upon arrival. Most times it is best to see an apartment first hand rather than reserving it in advance. We suggest that you budget 500-750 Euros per month for housing rentals. The school has assigned a Student Services Agency that will help you with the selection of your apartment. We recommend that students find places to live in the center close by to the school. Read more.


The image of Italy with picturesque landscapes and historic town centers is still applicable today, but Italy is not a country sleeping in its historical past. Italy is one of the world’s most industrialized nations. The traditional creativity of the past has transformed itself into technology and innovative design. Technical Seminars will highlight products and systems by leading design firms in the country.