The Florence Institute is an Graphic Design School in Florence, Italy for Diplomas, Bachelors, and Master of Graphic design. The English language is used for instructing all courses. Each one year course is 30 weeks. FIDI is a perfect option for international students looking for a Graphic Design school in Italy.


The graphic design school program provides a theoretical and practical approach to education offering professional skills, theoretical foundation, and general education to aid students in the development and maturation of their artistic abilities and to solidify their technical skills. Emphasis is placed on learning the concepts and skills for creating computer graphics, web design, and illustrations. Each one year course is 30 weeks in duration in Italy. Tools include graphic software such as Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Indesign, After effects and other applications. These softwares are the most prevalently used computer programs used in Italy, Europe and thougout the world. The main focus of the Graphic design school's program is the Studio Design Course. Major themes such as theroy, print, layouts and color schemes are addressed each semester. Visit our Design Gallery to view examples of the types of graphic design projects realized during the courses. The class is organized into three different components: 1) lectures 2) desk critiques and 3) presentations. Graphic Design school lectures cover many design topics, technical data and theory. Throughout the semester, students will be issued various design problems, and then asked to develop design solutions over a period of weeks. During the desk critiques, the development of each project will be closely advised by the instructors. At various stages the projects will be presented, discussed then graded according to how thoroughly they solve the design problem. 

By the end of the courses, Graphic Design students will have acquired the training and the portfolio necessary to interview for positions in graphic design firms, advertising studios, or marketing firms. Florence Institute graduates can find entry positions as graphic designers, renderings, illustrators, and production coordinators. After gaining professional experience, graduates may eventually go on to advanced positions such as leading designers or project managers. Others may establish their own design firms or take on challenging freelance assignments.

All of our faculty is very qualified with the highest credentials. The teachers come from both Italy and international backgrounds. Our staff have a respected reputation for dynamic teaching methods, motivating course material and interactive learning.

field trips
The Field trips form an integral part of the Florence Institute's curriculum. The design school is located in close proximity to some of Florence Italy’s most important art galleries, museums and cultural sites. Students are required to attend all field trips that are scheduled for classes in which they are enrolled and should budget an additional 150 Euro per semester for various travel and ticket cost.

Graphic Design
Graphic design summer COURSES

Short summer courses of graphic design or Digital Illustration are an intensive exploration of the design process. The graphic design courses are an introduction to graphic design theory and its application. The Illustration course not only complete assignments that include illustrating graphic elements, but also to inspire creative potential in this expressive design field

Graphic Design or Digital Illustration:
Month of June only
Duration: 4 weeks
Levels : All

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Graphic Design Courses
Academic courses
1 & 2 YEARS

The academic Graphic Design students develop an understanding of color and composition, design, typography, and drawing.The studio design course is an introduction to graphic design theory and its application. The course rapidly moves from fundamental design principals, to the process of planning, to the final guidelines for the creation of resolved two-dimensional graphic arts.

Graphic Design Courses:
Bachelor Degree: 3Yr
Diploma courses: 1 Yr or 2 Yr Language: English

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We are offering a 3 year Bachelor of Arts Degree. See the Bachelor page for requirements. For the Bachelor degree at FIDI, students must qualify from the start from the first year.

Graphic Design Courses:
Bachelor Degree: 3 Year
Language: English

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Furniture Design

The Master of Graphic Design is perfect for young graduates or professionals working in design interested in attending a specialization course. The objective of the Master is to produce a new professional quality by combining creative and technical skills. Admission to the Master is only for graduate students with a of a compatible 3 year bachelor degree in design.

Master Duration: 30 weeks (1yr)
Levels : Graduate only
Language: English

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