September 4th 2023

January 15th 2024

September 2nd 2024

Courses have start dates for either September (end of August) -OR- start dates of mid-January. There is a two week 'spring break' at the Easter Holiday. Orientations are held the week before classes begin. See the calendar for the exact dates:: Academic Calendar



To apply to the 1 year Diploma or 2 year Advanced Diploma:
1. Student should be 18 years of age
2. Students need a high school diploma (12th or 13th grade)
3. Most recent grades of high school or university .
4. A scan of your passport or EU Identification.
5. Complete the 2 page General Application Form.
*Applicants from the UK system should have 3 GCE A-Levels.

Bachelor degree REQUIREMENTS

For complete information on admissions to the 3 year Bachelor Degree please see the page: Bachelor Admission Requirements.

semester abroad REQUIREMENTS

Students already enrolled at a university (Undergraduate) who are enrolling for a 'semester abroad' should contact us for a 'Course Approval Form' to be then completed by the director at their current university.


To register to the summer courses we require that you complete only the summer applicaiton form (Online Summer Application). No other documents are required.


Acceptance for master courses depends on the student’s prior level of experience. Master level courses are challenging and students will need adapt experience for admission. Please send a scan of your passport or EU Identification. The most recent grades of university. It is required that the student possesses a degree in a compatible design major for acceptance. Students should submit a portfolio of 3 projects together with their application.

Master Portfolio Requirements:
All Master applicants must submit a portfolio of three (3) examples of their university work (not office/professional). Portfolio projects should be sent in digital format by email, DVD, website or Post. If you are sending large emails over 10MB we ask you to use All work submitted should be 100% completed by the applicant (no group projects)

Master of Interior or Furniture Design Portfolios can be three (3) examples of any of the following: interior designs, architectural designs, or industrial designs. We only require the key images of the design which should be a combination of 2D and 3D.

Master of Graphic Design Portfolios can be three (3) examples of any of the following: graphic designs, drawings, paintings, photographs, digital media, or design.