design school in florence, italy


Florence, Italy is the perfect place to study abroad the finest of Italian design. As a private Italian institution, quality education is provided as a result of a professional staff, quality resources and interactive learning techniques. The Institute’s philosophy is to provide a quality facility offering the highest level of education and resources. Our knowledgeable staff responds to your interests and addresses your academic needs.


FIDI offfers course options for all classes instructed in the English language. An exam of English skills is needed for all Bachelor degree applicants, TAs & Financial Aid. English exams however are not mandatory for Diploma or Master courses but proof of formal English study may be requested.


Field trips are conducted often as they are the best way to take advantage of the school's surroundings. They play an integral part of the learning process. The Florence Institute's curriculum and students are required to attend all field trips for classes in which they are enrolled. The costs of field trips are not included in the tuition. The costs per semester vary, but students should budget an additional 200Euro for field trip expenses.


The Florence Institute's lecture series features designers, architects, artists and respected figures in the world of Italian design and culture. Dates and times of lectures will be given in advance. Attendance of all design lectures is mandatory.


Students must take exams or present their design work at established times. Early exams can be given only under special circumstances, and special arrangements need to be made with each instructor. Work submitted after the presentation date will affect the final grade for the courses.


Although the Institute is well equipped with computers, it is required that you bring a laptop computer for studio time and home assignments. The computer should be adapt for use of rendering and graphics programs. Since over time technology degrades or becomes outdated, students enrolling for more than 1 year should expect to purchase a second computer during their 2nd year.Graphic Design students can use either PC or MAC computers. For Interior Design students, we suggest purchasing only PCs. Sketchup, Vray and AutoCAD do exist but they are confusing since icons are in different locations then on the PC. Also your teachers will not be able to help as much since they use the PC versions.

MATERIALS and software

When required students should be financially prepared to make prints, purchase reading materials, or art supplies. For books, software, prints and materials expect to spend 500€ per year.


Design students enrolled at the school are also offered Italian language courses while at the Institute. The courses will focus mainly on spoken conversational Italian, with themes relating to common life, travel and business situations including: greetings, days of the week, asking for directions, food, making plans, telling time, purchases and dealing with money and numbers. Advanced level classes will deal with general work and business discussions.


Class attendance is essential. Absences are only excused for documented illness or for an emergency. Three unexcused absences result in a lowering of the grade by a letter. Two late arrivals to class are considered equal to an unexcused absence. Students who do not stay for the duration of a class without being excused will be marked absent. Students who miss more than 25 PERCENTof a course due to unexcused absences will not receive a passing grade for the course. Students enrolled in the Bachelor should note that requirements differ and should reference their student handboodk for program specific attendance requirements.