financial aid

Financial Aid awarded is limited and should be requested as early as possible. Students may also apply for Financial aid after being accepted, but it must applied for at least 90 days before the start of classes. FIDI awards financial aid in the form of grants based on need to qualified applicants. The amount of financial aid grants awarded each semester varies with a minimum of 25% of the students receiving grants. Apply early to improve your chances of receiving financial aid.

To be considered for a grant you must:
1) Be an academic student, (not master or BA) qualified for one of the Institute's programs as per the admissions page
2) Submit a portfolio of work. Portfolios should include 6-10 projects (should be Visual Arts training (not design). Mostly drawing such as still-life or cityscape using basic pencil, ink, charcoal or paints)

Requirements for Financial Aid
Applicants must submit proof of English skills and a portfolio of ten (10) examples of their creative work. Portfolio projects should be sent in digital format by email. If you are sending large emails over 10MB we ask you to use All work submitted should be 100% completed by the applicant (no group projects). Please note that students must apply for financial aid at least 90 days before the start of the semester. In order to avoid a reduction in their financial aid award, during the academic year, students are required to carry a 'B' average in all classes.

Please note: The Florence Institute does not have any involvement with student loans or scholarships. Students can seek out full scholarships within their own countries via private or government foundations. To assist you in with your scholarship application, our institute can provide you with a letter of tentative acceptance.