We reccomend that student find housing for atleast the first semester before arrival. There are rental agencies that we that we list that will help to find you find accommodations. Most students find an apartment online in this way within one or two days.Those who wish to live ALONE can reserve apartments from abroad. Students who have paid tuition fees and have applied for visas can be added to our online housing forum below are approximate prices for rooms and apartments per month

General prices

Prices per month:
Rooms in shared apartment outside center start at 550 euro+exp*
Shared student rooms in the center start at 500€ per person (double room).

Studio apartments starting around 1000 euro+exp*

*Please remember to budget extra for utilities – gas, water and electricity, which can be very expensive in Italy. Minimum 200 Euro per mo.


Apartment agents charge between 5% and 10% commission based on the total rental contract

-Rental contracts (over 30days) are registered with the city. Costs are around 200euro per contract.

-As in most countries, please note that it is required when renting apartments in Florence to leave a security deposit of one month’s rent before entering the apartment, which will be refunded at the end of your stay (if there is no damage to the apartment).

We advise that you research potential apartments before you arrive in Florence, and try to set up appointments to view some when you get here. 

Temporary options

We advise an economical hostel to stay when you first arrive to allow you time to find suitable permanent accommodation. All of these are approximately 10-15 minutes walk from the school. See our Student Guide MAP

Temporary Accommodations

Plus Florence (new stylish hostel)
Tasso ( vintage hostel)
Youth Hostel Firenze 2000
Hotel Esperanza
Palazzo Branchi (Quality Apartaments)

Florence HOUSING agents

*Please Note: FIDI is not responsible for agrements made among FIDI students or between students and housing agencies. We recommend that you are careful reserving apartments online. Its is better you have seen them, as sometimes photos do not fully represent the reality of the apartment. In addition, it is advisable to visit the apartment to gauge distance from the school and see the area nearby. Websites to research rooms or apartments:. (Housing Agency) (Housing Agency)
Laudani Immobiliare (Housing Agency)
CentroCitta Immobiliare (Housing Agency)
Visita Florencia (Housing Agency) (Higher quality apartments) (Higher quality apartments) (booking service to many agents)
Palazzo Branchi (Quality Apartaments)