master of interior DESIGN

1 year in florence, italy


The 1yr Master of Interior design is perfect for young graduates or professionals working in design interested in attending a specialization course. The objective of the Master is to produce a new professional quality by combining creative and technical skills. The Interior Design Master students will be issued stimulating design problems commonly faced in Italy’s modern society. They will be given the opportunity to examine the fundamentals of design together with more advanced topics such as fabrication, and design detailing. Other professional topics covered will be issues of project management and implementation aspects of interior design.

Interior Design Master Requirements:
Acceptance for Master courses depends on the student’s prior level of experience.Acceptance to the Master of Interior design requires in most cases a degree with interiors, architecture or industrial design. Please read the Admissions Page to determine if you qualify for the Interior Design Master. Those who do not meet the Master requirements are welcome to enroll for our Academic level.

master of interior design- 1st semester

INT 501- Studio Design Course 1 -  8 Credits  
The purpose of the course is to extend the student’s viewpoint beyond simple solutions of form and color and to encourage thoughtful exploration of detail and materials. In this studio students will explore complex Interior design problems sited in the historic center of Florence. Projects will have the emphasis on design of cultural and commercial spaces. Students will be exposed to modern day needs of Italy that encompass a broad variety of design circumstances. Considerable research will be involved as students will learn to recognize virtues of the Italian design process.

INT 350- Lighting Design - 3 Credits
The objective of the course is to develop an understanding of the principles of lighting design for residential and commercial applications with an introduction to mechanical systems. Upon completion, the student will have the ability to communicate the design intent and specification details.

INT 190- Furniture Design - 3 Credits
The purpose of the course is to develop students’ knowledge and skills related to aspects of furniture production, from development and management of prototypes through to the final manufacturing process. During the two part program, students study presentation of history, theories, works and current expressions of Italian and International furniture.

CD 160- 3D Computer Rendering with Vray - 3 Credits
The course is designed for those who are new to rendering with Vray. The course focus is on the use of materials, lighting and cameras. At the end of the course the participants will be able to produce professionally executed 3D rendering using Vray.

HUM 150- Art History 1 - 3 CreditsThis two part course begins with the Florentine art dating from the end of the 1200’s. This course covers the most key artists practicing in the region of Tuscany from the 1300’s, until the early 1500’s. The course covers historical, social and political events and analyzes their influence on the artistic production. Many class sessions are held on-site in the form of field trips to museums or churches to enhance the in-class lectures.

HUM 120- Italian Language 1A - 1 Credits The courses will focus mainly on spoken conversational Italian, with themes relating to common life, travel and business travel situations including greetings, days of the week, asking for directions, food, making plans, telling time, purchases and dealing with money and numbers.

master of interior design- 2nd semester

INT 502- Studio Design 2 -Thesis  -  8 Credits
This course will continue with the first semester's course structure. Part of the second semester is a focused on an independent project on a single topic, developed by the student working in conjunction with an advisor.During this studio course, students will try various formats for visualizing their thesis and will implement the design work necessary to realize their project. Emphasis will be placed on creative investigation and the development of original solutions that are conceptually strong and content filled. The final thesis will be comprised of the design project along with written documentation. Students must demonstrate independence in relation to their own design process and the ability to realize a complex interior design solution.

HUM 250- History of Modern Italian Design– 3 Credits
The course deals with both product and interior design and students are guided to discover the analogies of those two fields with art, architecture and fashion and to acquire a solid understanding of the term "design" in its broadest sense. The lectures aim to deeply analyze each Historical designer's figure within the larger context of the rich Italian visual culture of the last seven decades, as shown in movies, painting, architecture and photography.

HUM 151- Art History 2 -  3 Credits. The second part of the course begins with the early 1500’s and continues past the Mannerist movement of Michelangelo. Students are explained the major artistic developments of the centuries from the ideal classical form into the complex era of the Counter Reformation. Many class sessions are held on-site in the form of field trips to museums or churches to enhance the in-class lectures.

INT 191- Furniture Design 2   -  3 Credits The second semester is a more in depth exploration of the field of furniture design. This semester gives students more professional experience addressing quality control, process planning, costing and supervision skills.

CD 161- 3D Computer Modeling - 3 Credits. The course is designed for those who are new to 3D modeling techniques. An in depth exploration of the software. Upon completion, the participants will be able to produce professionally executed 3D models. The course also includes a more comprehensive study of the Vray software.

HUM 121-Italian Language 1b - 1 Credit The courses will continue to focus mainly on spoken conversational Italian. This more advanced level class will start to deal with general work and business discussions.

* Program may be subject to change