fidi online

distance learning based in italy

FIDI offers options both for study 'online' or study ‘face-to-face in Florence'. Travel is complicated for many and FIDI is offering temporarily online formats with the same desgin course content as the face-to-face version. The online classes are taught in real-time 'live’ by the same experienced FIDI Faculty.


The costs for online lessons are the same as face-to-face in class study. For books, software and materials expect to spend 300€ per year. Italian language lessons are not included online. Please contact us for more details.

technical requirements

It is important that students are set up in advance to meet the requirements for Distance Learning. It is recommended that students following online have a high speed internet connection with LAN cable and access to dual monitor display or two computers. It is expected that students purchase academic software and maintain a cloud storage backup. Note classes times would follow the Italian time zone GMT+1.

We recommend PC computers for Interior Design Students and MAC or PC for Graphic Design. We suggest purchasing PCs with a minimum of 12GB of memory and 64bit Windows 10 operating systems. The computer should be adapt for use of rendering and graphics programs. Since over time technology degrades or becomes outdated, students enrolling for more than 1 year should expect to purchase a second computer during their 2nd year.